Core Values


It could be argued that Core Values in a business are the things that guide everyone together and make people jump up and down if they’re broken!  This is very true at Redrock and helps us be a better company by working toward our Vision of being known in the industry for “Doing Things Right”.

In some companies “values” are a head office exercise. At Redrock, each of us tries to incorporate our Core Values into every decision we make.  From the camp attendant preparing a room for a guest to the truck driver sharing his thoughts about how to run a better schedule, we expect our folks to remember Redrock Company Values with every decision they make.

To help everyone remember what our values are, we tied them together into a short, catchy bunch of letters that everyone can relate to: TLC 2




Complex operations in remote locations require each of us, from the top down, to roll up our sleeves and come together. The emotional maturity we gain from our collective achievements builds a great team at Redrock. 


 With teamwork comes loyalty and today’s employees are always looking to deepen relationships through  trust, recognition, incentives, training and continuous improvement. 


Perhaps our greatest Core Value challenge is open communication and consultation across our entire business. From camp employee to president, west coast to prairies, we all work hard to live by this fundamental workplace value and understand that we’ll all succeed if we keep at it.


We strive to make things better for employees and clients alike through consistent delivery of our equipment and services, dedicated leadership, and overall commitment to company Vision.  Join our team.