About Us

Redrock Camps LP provides remote hospitality services and modular accommodations across Canada and the U.S. (through our U.S.-based subsidiary, Redrock Camps U.S.A. LLC). We are known for providing turnkey solutions in the toughest operating environments via two diversified service offerings: Redrock Camps and Redrock Wildfire. These divisions are focused on specific customers and offer integrated services to meet any provider and market needs.

Our strong corporate values and overall commitment to doing things the right way have made us a premier provider of hospitality services and modular accommodations for over a decade. Backed by the financing of Invico Capital Corporation, an award-winning Canadian investment fund management firm, we offer more than just workforce housing and catering - we provide quality, innovative, nourishing environments and a comfortable "home away from home" for front-line and on-site teams.