About Us

Redrock originated in 2006 with true entrepreneurial spirit, years of logistics experience, and a vision of taking care of people in the middle of nowhere. 

Tree planting and forestry services were the foundation for Redrock's owners to expand and become a leading provider for remote hospitality services and modular accommodations. By challenging typical institutional-style work camps with sound attenuation, precise lighting, custom finishing and high-value hospitality services, We provide workers with a true home away from home experience. Redrock has built a reputation for quality by delivering on promises made and led by the Vision of “Doing Things Right”.

Redrock offers two diversified business platforms: Camps and Wildfire. These divisions are focused on specific customers and offer integrated services to meet the needs of each market.

Redrock’s strong corporate values and overall commitment for doing things right has made us a premier provider of modular accommodations and hospitality services.  We offer more than just workforce housing and catering; we provide quality, innovation, nourishing environments and comfort in knowing you are getting the best in the industry. We are recognized as the industry leader for doing things right and that is a reputation we hold with pride.