Redrock Urban is our premium metro culinary division for your cafeteria and catering needs. We design menus with the client foremost in mind to meet the needs of crowds. We focus on small-batch cooking to ensure consistency and quality throughout service.
All of Redrock’s dishes are cooked from the heart, and we support our Chefs innovation and creativity in the kitchen. Our Corporate Executive Chef designs menus to current Canadian trends and mentors our Chefs’ showmanship and quality of service.
We deliver ‘Urban Catering’ designed and executed by experienced, adaptable folks, guaranteeing successful events wherever they may be located.

Some of our solutions:

• Innovative menu creations that meet a variety of dietary restrictions and allergy-free requests
• Operational service excellence that is nimble to serve 10 or 1000 guests
• Comfortable, inviting spaces that encourage socialization to build an experience
• Corporate, government and institutional facility cafeteria services built to clients’ specifications