Community Relations

At Redrock, we know that a healthy and vibrant place to call home is the result of everyone that can help getting involved, so we practice a philosophy of giving back to the community whenever we can. We support our folks in their local volunteer interests and support our community partners. 


Calgary Reads, a nonprofit center that works to ensure that our children have the bright futures and open possibilities that high reading comprehension provides. It is a progressive program that helps students grow as readers.

Two Wheel View is a relatively new charity that we are proud to be a part of. Their mandate is to change kids’ lives from the seat of a bike‘. Funds donated provide helmets and locks to kids to encourage the use of bicycles. Funding also goes towards assisting their goal to become leaders in youth development training.

Veterans Food Drive is a component of the Canadian Legacy Project and a key charity for the assistance of veteran‘s needs. Donations are used for food as well as programs that support the healing of active military that returned from duty less than whole.