Aboriginal Relations

Redrock's Aboriginal Partnerships are guided by principles to build long-term, sustainable relationships that offer benefits and opportunities to communities.

Core Beliefs

Building Lasting Relationships:

  • Committed to respecting and partnering with First Nation and Métis Communities where we have the privilege of working
  • Devoted to mutually sharing the commercial benefits of partnerships on Traditional Territories
  • Respectful of Aboriginal Rights and the spirit of cultural uniqueness
  • Dedicated to the belief that First Nation and Métis peoples hold a special place in Canada’s history and have a significant role to play in responsible resource development
  • Accountable to educate our employees about the value of First Nation and Métis relationships
  • Unwavering in our focus for Zero Tolerance regarding racism or other actions that demonstrate lack of respect for First Nation and Métis people.


Fundamentals of our Partnerships:

  • Education and Apprenticeship programs for youth
  • Mutually beneficial business development
  • Preserving and enhancing First Nation and Métis culture and language
  • Support for Elders and efforts enabling them to impart their knowledge
  • Providing employment and training for Community members
  • Investment in solutions for primary community needs.

Social License

Our Guiding Concepts:

  • Committed to maintaining a corporate culture that goes beyond legal requirements
  • Being recognized as a company that values emotional maturity with our partners
  • Dedicated to respecting the environment within First Nation and Métis Traditional Territories
  • Respectful of the autonomy and uniqueness of each First Nation and Métis Community, and their right to Self-Government.




Our Beliefs, Partnerships and License as One:

We value the culture and governments of First Nation and Métis people, their ability to benefit financially from development on their Traditional Lands, and understand that our participation demands that we earn our social license with our partners