Aboriginal Partnerships

Redrock is recognized as the industry leader for doing things right. Part of doing things right is proper engagement when working within Aboriginal Traditional Territories. First Nations and Métis peoples of Canada hold a unique and important place historically, culturally, and economically. We believe in their implicit right to benefit financially from development on their Traditional Lands.

Redrock’s major Aboriginal Relations initiative includes some key highlights:

  • Establishing a significant number of Joint Ventures, Service Contract Working Relationships and alliances with First Nations and Métis across Canada
  • Developed and approved an Aboriginal Business Policy and executed First Nation cultural awareness seminars to executives, line management and staff
  • Promoting and holding local Job Fairs to increase awareness, build community interest and excitement for job opportunities with Redrock
  • Identifying and launching training programs
  • Guiding entrepreneurial development to pursue independently owned and sub-contracting operations
  •  Contributing and participating in community events as determined by respective Chiefs and councils (annual BBQs, elder’s dinner, fundraisers, etc.).

Redrock relies on a combination of genuine respect, loyalty, and the promise of profitable yet fair and equitable business arrangements to successfully establish a diverse range of partnerships with First Nation and Métis communities. We believe in ensuring our partners receive long-term sustainable benefits and opportunities.

Success means more than simply dollars and cents. We strive to have a community presence, one which builds trust, mutual respect, and goodwill between ourselves and our partners. In honoring these relationships, we form community achievement in the field and at home.

Employment, Training and Mentorship 

Redrock is committed to maximizing the business and employment opportunities available to Aboriginal communities and local groups in the areas in which we operate and across provinces. At present approximately 15% if our workforces identify themselves as Aboriginal. These individuals are distributed across a range of positions within the company, from entry level to management.

We are devoted to enhancing the well-being and skill set through education, training, and on-going employment. It is through our employee development and mentorship that the most immediate value is transferred back into the First Nation community for the short and long term. Redrock understands the significant barriers faced by some candidates leaving their communities and families for employment; it is not always an easy thing to do. We work with the communities to assist in training and creating skills inventory of potential employees addressing employment gaps whenever required.

We are dedicated to cultural awareness and having the capacity to respond to sensitive issues such as racism and prejudice within the workplace. Redrock’s policy is to team same-band individuals so they may have support and familiarity when they first arrive in camp. Our organization is an inclusive and tolerant atmosphere that is entrenched in our culture. We also have on-the-job strategies such as a mentoring program which pairs new employees with experienced and dedicated staff to bridge the initial gap then provide support towards long term employment.